How to choose the best delivery services?

    • With so many delivery companies coming up these days, shipping your package or sending a document is not too much to ask for. The tough task however lies in choosing the best delivery service for you. Many businesses simply use the big chains, FedEx, UPS etc. and call it done. However, doing so may be costing them a bundle. Not all services are ideal for all goods or budgets. There are many different types of delivery services, and you’ll get the best delivery service available if you understand the differences between them.

Types of delivery services

Large delivery companies that have a wide delivery network (national and international) and a large fleet are called Carriers. Their fleet includes airplanes, trucks, vans, and ships. Carriers offer courier delivery services as well as air and sea freight services such as palletized and container loads. FedEx, DHL and UPS are examples of carriers. They handle general envelope and small package service. They offer next day, two day, and up to two week general delivery times. Unless you send frequently, and high volumes each time, using a carrier for your delivery needs may prove very costly.

Freight deliveries
Freight deliveries are for extra-large or extra heavy deliveries such as building supplies, tires, lumber, trees etc. Most freight is delivered on pallets, and delivered in TL (Truck Load or Trailer Load) or LTL (Less than Truck/Trailer Load). TL are for large shipments transported over long distances, LTL are for shipments that are greater than 150 pounds but not large enough to fill an entire truck.

Special deliveries
Flowers, medical supplies and equipment, legal documents and hazardous materials ¦ For this you want to choose a specialized delivery service that can handle delivering flowers, and companies that specialize in medical products, legal deliveries or other specialty items. At Clockwork Express our delivery services can handle documents, medical, bio, fashion, electronics etc.

Courier service is for fast, same day delivery for any size parcel or package. These services are in accordance to the name and are running 24 hours a day, a lot of the courier companies offer 7 days a week and 365 days an year. In very limited markets FedEx will deliver on Sunday, but not in most of the areas. Ups will not deliver on Sundays. However, a lot of the courier services like Clockwork Express are open 24/7 365 days and will deliver same day on weekends. What makes these services better is the way the demands of the users are covered and that too with satisfaction. Courier companies offer more options such as tracking, customization of the services, deliveries on time sensitive matters.

What type of delivery is best for you?
How do you determine which are the ideal type of delivery for you? Here are some factors you want to consider:

Type of Products

When considering different delivery companies, you must check the allowed sizes, shapes, and kinds of products so you’ll know which one will work for you. You might come across delivery companies that don’t handle the type of products you need to ship. Some delivery companies do not handle sensitive or fragile deliveries. It is important to take into consideration of these points when reviewing various shipping companies.

Are you going to ship locally only or ship to international consumers too? This is again an essential aspect because then you’ll have to consider both international and local shipping when choosing your options.

Are you looking for same or next day service? When considering your shipment, consider how quickly you need that shipment to arrive. If you need rush delivery, you may want to skip major carriers that collects your shipment to central hub or distribution centers, but choose a courier service that handles your package door to door with the least number of people. (Also, when a service requires more people to handle your package, the more expensive it becomes, especially for local same day delivery)
When you are looking for a delivery company to get your shipment delivered on the same day, even on the weekends, a courier service will be your best choice.

Always compare the overall price and what service you are getting. Efficient delivery saves you time and money. It simplifies delivery operations, yet provides you with great service. Choose a not just for the low price but for the quality of service which you might learn in their reputation. Some courier service websites will enable you to quote instantly on their website. To get quotes from Clockwork Express, visit courier quotes calculator or freight calculator for trucking services.

Choose a good courier service

Delivering a package is not just a task, but can be the most crucial factors affecting the reputation of your organization. How and when you deliver or get something delivered decides how much you earn and what edge you have over your competitors. In such an era of competition, one should not miss any opportunity to score over others in the same field. A good and reliable courier delivery services can help you a great deal with that. So you should put some effort and time while choosing a messenger service provider. Below is a checklist of things you may want to check before you hire a courier delivery service.

Checklist – questions to ask before you hire a delivery service

The 5 critical questions to ask before you hire a delivery service

      • What types of services does the company specialize in?
      • How long have they been in business? Do they have a good reputation?
      • Are the employees trained professionals? Especially when collecting a package from an airport and getting it delivered to its right full place.
      • Do the company provide insurance that covers goods that it would ship against theft, damaged items and do make sure that the insurance guarantee is given to you in writing.
      • Do they offer good communication and is it available throughout your delivery? Does the company have state-of-the-art package tracking? Is there a signature for proof of every delivery?
      • Does it provide 24h service?

E-commerce companies, retail stores

Since speed has become an important factor that influences customer loyalty, E-commerce companies and retailers want to get products to customers either same-day or within two business days. Most E-commerce companies partner with various courier service providers to handle their shipping.

Before you select your logistics partner, you may want to check these points:

Selection of logistics partner will depend upon following points:

      • Service area
      • Service type
      • Pricing (if they ask minimum shipment commitment)
      • Expertise
      • Technical capabilities

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