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Same Day Delivery to Medical Facilities and Residential
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Medical Courier Services

Medical Supplies Delivered to Your Home

We pick up and deliver your medical supplies from pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens and deliver to your doorstep. Packages are delivered door to door quickly and reliably! We practice good hygiene and keep our cars/vans clean. Our drivers take all the precautions necessary to keep your packages safe.
Delivery time: 24hrs
Service days: Monday−Sunday
Delivery area: Southern California

Medical Shipment to Hospitals, Labs, Clinics and Doctor’s Offices

Medical Couriers are highly trained professionals who deliver medical samples, medical supplies and products to a wide variety of medical facilities. We deliver to hospitals, labs, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and research facilities. Depending on the type of delivery and what is being shipped, a specific type of vehicle may be needed. We have vehicles equipped with compartments that can keep items refrigerated or frozen at whatever temperature is needed for the specimen’s safety.
Clockwork Express’s LA medical courier division we understand that the packages we carry can be extremely fragile and perishable. Their transport takes on a new level of urgency. As with any medical shipment, the client’s privacy is of the utmost importance. We provide them with 100 percent confidential, secured service that is both punctual and guaranteed.
At Clockwork Express Medical Courier Division, we can deliver anything that is medical in nature, from body parts (kidneys, hearts, livers, lungs, etc.), live tissue samples, fertility genetics, samples from lab tests and embryo samples. Our medical courier service makes hundreds of stops each day, with over 100 of them being to hospitals throughout Southern California. Time-sensitive materials require the utmost diligence and care to ensure that everything arrives on-time and in pristine condition. Clockwork Express medical courier professionals are OSHA certified and trained in transporting urgent medical materials, including tissue samples, specimens, blood deliveries, blood work, medications and medical devices. Extremely fragile and perishable. Their transport takes on a new level of urgency. We understand the needs of the medical community when it comes to deliveries and the use of couriers. We have drivers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing punctual, efficient and 100% confidential deliveries throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and all cities in Southern California.


  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Specimens
  • Medication
  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays

Our Medical Courier Service include these six health care industries:

Hospital and Health Care Delivery Solutions

Clockwork Express’s Hospital and Health Care Division is capable of meeting all the courier needs for hospital systems. This dynamic industry requires a solution that is flexible, scalable and transparent to satisfy the extended supply chain. Our Hospital Solutions logistics experts work directly with health care facilities to quickly and safely transport specimens and blood samples.

Clinics and Diagnostic Laboratory Delivery Solutions

Clockwork Express’s Clinic and Laboratory Solutions works directly with private practices, outpatient centers, patient service centers (PSC) and laboratory processing centers to coordinate inbound and outbound specimens that are time-sensitive and have life-critical results.

Life Science Logistics Delivery Solutions

Bioscience companies provide life-saving products to the global community. Product launches and sample fulfillments must comply with strict regulations because they introduce risks that far outweigh the typical supply chain investment. Clockwork Express offers full-service courier solutions for this market, which include shipment tracking and tracing, item level serialization, cold chain flexibility and direct distribution to ensure compliance with government agencies.

Pharmacy and Wholesale Drug Distribution

Clockwork Express’s Pharmacy Solutions coordinate all logistics and regulatory needs for the pharmacy and wholesale drug distribution segment. Drivers integrate seamlessly into your supply chains to become an extension of the pharmacy to the customer. Our logistics consultants are experts in regulatory requirements, including chain of custody procedures, transporting temperature-controlled goods using appropriate equipment and tracking proof of delivery electronically or manually.

Medical Devices and Equipment Delivery Solutions

Clockwork Express Medical Courier Division is the logical partner for the diverse medical device industry. Experienced couriers deliver medical equipment from client facilities to local hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics.

Cord Blood Bank Courier Service

Clockwork Express ” Blood Bank Courier Service” specializes in Blood Bank Registry Courier service from local labs, clinics, and hospitals to nationwide medical facilities via our blood bank courier service. Our Blood Bank couriers understand the sensitive nature and importance of blood medical deliveries, and the steps that are necessary to fulfill the requirements in the blood bank industry. When it comes to dependable, on-time blood bank courier service, Clockwork Express Same day blood courier service is your choice. We will provide and design the best suitable solution for your most vital chain-of-custody of your blood bank courier service needs.

Clockwork Express Same Day Blood Shipping and Delivery provides same-day pick-up and delivery services to hospitals, labs, and clinical facilities coast-to-coast. Trained in full compliance with all OSHA Safety and Health, OSHA Regulations, Environmental Health & Safety on blood borne pathogens, and HIPAA, each and every blood bank courier is trained and tested in the transport for a wide variety of healthcare and medical requirements, and is equipped to handle all blood courier needs. Clockwork Express Same-Day blood bank courier service is flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the Medical Healthcare Industry.

STAT Service

If you require STAT Service around the clock, then Clockwork Express Medical Courier has the staffing and logistics capability to provide you with top quality STAT Service. We have trained couriers and dispatchers working 24/7, so you are guaranteed to speak with someone regarding your pickup and receive your required service within minutes.

A few of our STAT, emergency and standard services include:

  • Blood
  • Clinical blood samples
  • Medical specimens
  • 24 hour services
  • X-rays
  • Vaccines
  • Lab samples
  • Lab results
  • Lab specimens
  • Test reports
  • Patient records
  • Hospital and laboratory

Safety and Compliance Training


  • OSHA
  • Spill Clean up
  • Hazardous Materials – General Awareness
  • Dry Ice Procedures
  • Identity Theft
  • Equipment Training – Smartphone-Tablet

Additional Training – Specific to position

  • Box Truck Training – CSA-Road Test, Daily Log Books, Digital Log Tracking
  • TSA – CSA Security Training

Reliable Medical Courier Service


  • 24/7/365 dispatch
  • Telephone customer service
  • Individualized routes
  • Warehouse space at each of our facilities
  • Full lineup of box trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, covered trucks and cars

Our drivers are trained to be effective and efficient drivers, in addition to keeping concise and highly detailed notes. These notes always contain the chain of custody of a package, as well as any reportable incidences that occurred during its transport. We scrutinize and test each driver over and over again to make sure they are in complete compliance, not only with our standards, but also those of the government and the client we are working for. To be successful, we expect each of our drivers to focused on their job and able to give 110% to each client and their respective delivery.

Call Clockwork Express Medical Courier Division if you are looking for a courier service that can handle various types of medical materials while maintaining a high level of quality. We can transport any of the following items, including confidential reports, medical records, laboratory specimens, medical transcripts, x-rays and lab supplies. We have the capability to transport everything from paper records to large pieces of medical equipment.

OSHA certified
TSA – CSA Security Training

On demand delivery 24/7
Non-stop door to door express courier service
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Fast and reliable couriers and messengers
No untimely deliveries. 24h live communication
Open 24/7
Clockwork Express is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We deliver on holidays too!
Scheduled Courier Deliveries
We offer customized schedule routes that will meet your recurring delivery needs
Rush Service
Rush Same Day Delivery guarantees pick-up and delivery completed in 1-2 hours within 35 mile radius ( longer distance may take longer)
Certified Professional Drivers
Our drivers are TSA certified to handle airport courier, OSHA certified and trained in transporting urgent medical materials.
Real Time Tracking
We ensure timely delivery to the destination and provide 24 hours communication with our dispatcher for tracking your deliveries.
Trucks for large size shipment
Secure a truck for your large size shipment - from a pickup truck to 750 pounds and up, from Less Than Truckload (LTL) to Full Truck Loads (FTL) .