Courier Service Rate Examples

Courier Service Rates

When you need a local delivery within 300 miles, you want to choose a local courier service. Many businesses simply use the big chains, FedEx, UPS etc. and call it done. However, doing so may be costing them a bundle.You may want to skip major carriers that collects your shipment and then transports to a central hub or distribution center, but for local service, choose a courier service that handles your local door to door deliveries with the least number of people handling your shipment. When a service requires more people to handle your package especially if there are boxes and bulk shipments, the more expensive it becomes, especially for local same day delivery. Compare your delivery options, efficient delivery saves you time and money. It simplifies delivery operations, yet provides you with great service. Choose a service not just for the low rates but for the quality of service.

Clockwork Express can handle any type of delivery such as documents, large boxes, medical, bio, fashion, electronics etc. from on envelope to a truck load. We consider each of our customer high priority and we offer a fast and reliable service.

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Comparing courier service rates for large or multiple box delivery is a lot simpler than you may at first think. Instead of next day, we can provide delivery by a certain time, same day. We make the process of booking your delivery and freight very simple. To compare rates and services, simply use our Instant quote calculator by entering your pick up and location, package destination, number of packages,weight, type of car, time. Then press “Get Estimate Now” and we’ll provide you the quote.

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